Sponge Painting You may use your sponge to directly apply the coloured glaze to your pottery. This results in a very nice "textured" appearance after kiln firing, and you can vary the texture density and mix colours. Great effect for a base coat.

Dots You may use the other end of your brush to paint on clean, uniform dots. Only one coat is required, and this is a very fast and easy method to cover your pottery with colourful dots!  Added to the rim of a piece can have dramatic effect.

Splatter Paint You may coat the bristles of a tooth brush with the coloured glaze, and then slide your thumb across the brush while directing the spray toward your pottery. This creates a coat of very tiny dots of coloured glaze that provides a nice textured background appearance.

Draw Patterns You may use a pencil to directly trace a pattern onto your pottery, and the graphite will completely burn away during kiln firing. Do not erase if you make a mistake with the pencil, just draw it again. Before painting over pencil marks, dust it off again with the slightly damp sponge to remove any large pieces of graphite.

Straight Lines and Edges Use masking tape to create straight lines and edges on your pottery. Place masking tape as desired, then paint over the tape edge. After the coloured glaze is very dry, carefully peel off the tape. Make sure the tape glue does not remain on the pottery before painting over it as it could cause the glaze to not adhere to the surface.

Text If you are writing words such as names etc you may like to take time and measure out the space you need for each letter in the word, avoiding unbalanced text.
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